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There is no cost to have our personal Designer and space optimization Specialist visit your home for a consultation. It's FREE! Our designer will meet with you, ask questions as to the present utilization of the space(s), review your space(s), discuss options, take measurements and develop a personalized CAD layout for you to review. We will meet with you to evaluate the design , make changes and re-draw the space to your desires and optimal utilization.

Our space optimization specialists will help you maximize your storage and will create spaces for everything in a neat, easy-to-use and organized way.

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CUSTOM for Less than Semi-custom:

If a semi-custom cabinet does not fit your space perfectly, you will lose valuable area due to the spacer added to install the product. With Carolina CUSTOM Closets you don’t have to compromise. If a space requires 30.625” or 30.225" that’s what you get, at no extra cost! Your finished project fits better, and you have exactly what you need at an affordable price. This can be especially useful in closets, laundry room, home office, or entertainment center applications.

Working together during the blueprint phase.

Our designer willl work with your architect and/or builder during the planning stage to help ensure that your closets, pantry, laundry and storage spaces are designed with there optimatization in mind. A small change in positioning a switch, a floor vent, window height, location of a heating chase, or something as simple as the way a door swings can have a big effect on the final layout of the space.

Our Design Guarantee

  • Lifetime product guarantee
  • Exceptional experience from beginning to end.
  • Installation included
  • Installation in a single day, no mess left behind


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